Welcome to the Dreadkult Shop. Here you will find everything related to dread jewelry and dreadlock accessories.

We offer you a large selection of simple and chic dread jewelry and are always on the lookout to present you with new, unusual creations. We are happy to work with many artists and that the dreadshop can continue to grow.
We have more than 10 years of experience in the maintenance and creation of dreadlocks and thus the necessary know-how that matters. For years we have been supplying our dreadheads with the most beautiful dread jewelry from all over the world and we manufacture a lot of them ourselves.
Many of the texts were created by customers or friends and are a fun smorgasbord of craziness. Sometimes well described, sometimes colorful and with a lot of humor. Have fun browsing, enjoy browsing and your new dread jewelry.
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We offer you a wide selection of dreadlock jewellery. Find here what makes you happy, get the best price and you won't need any other address to get your dread beads. We constantly work on new designs, on new collaborations and try our best to deliver your wish list as soon as possible.

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