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In addition to dread pearls, we of course also offer other fashionable and practical accessories (not only) for dreadheads.
For hot summer days, work or just when you want to see your dreadlocks tamed in one place, we have developed our unique dread spirals.
When it is crisp and cold outside and the wind blows around your nose, it is sometimes not so easy to combine warm ears and dreads. But your worries about headgear should be a thing of the past - have a look at our headbands and hats, which are specially adapted to dreadhead needs.
For wildly protruding baby dreads, biker dreadheads (or whatever you wear a helmet for) and dread-carrying outdoor athletes, we have our bandanas made of lighter material, take a look around, maybe you will discover your very own purpose for this accessory.

And finally our new, artfully crafted dread hair clips. These beautiful unique pieces give your dreads hold and are also a beautiful eye-catcher on your shag head.