Dread jewelery

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Here you will find all kinds of dread jewelry to decorate your locks and give them their very individual expression. From simple pearls made of plastic, wood, metal, polymer or stones to wraps made of fabric to artfully festive jewelry made of copper wire, you will find everything your dreadhead heart desires. Many of the pieces of jewelry are handmade, one-offs.

We offer the right pearl for every style - whether natural, hippie, boho, forest elf, gothic, cyberpunk, wild and playful or rather simple, elegant and chic. Whether for everyday life or as jewelry for festive occasions - with us you will definitely discover your favorite pearl. Of course, we offer dread pearls with different diameters and different sizes, so there is something for dreads of any thickness and length.

We regularly check the quality of our dread jewelry and check that it is suitable for dreadlocks on our own dreads.